What makes EstroStat better than other menopause supplements?
Unlike other supplements, EstroStat is a liquid spray applied orally (to the bottom of the tongue or sprayed into food or liquid, twice daily.)
This means you can finally relieve all the major symptoms of menopause, without swallowing pills all day.

Is there a guarantee?
We understand that every woman is different and what works for some will not work for others for a variety of biological reasons. Therefore, we can’t guarantee a specific result. However, we can guarantee that if EstroStat doesn’t relieve your menopause symptoms over the next 30 days, you’re entitled to a full and immediate refund minus a 35% disposal fee. Even if you return an un-opened product we will never ship it to another customer. Therefore, all returns will be disposed of and not restocked or resold. 

Are natural supplements a better option than other menopause treatments?
While some women choose prescription drugs or HRT to reduce symptoms of menopause, they can be expensive. Plus, they also have many side effects. Your doctor will make you aware of these side effects before proceeding with any treatment.
Natural supplements are well known to help reduce menopause symptoms without pills or invasive, risky medical procedures.

How can I reduce the symptoms of menopause naturally?
Reducing your stress levels, increasing your physical activity and avoiding triggers for hot flushes can help to ease menopause symptoms.
Regular massages, exercise, play, socializing, nutritious meals can all help reduce symptoms of menopause.
Also, try wearing light cotton nightclothes, use sheets and blankets instead of heavy quilting so that it’s easier to adjust your temperature during the night.
Sleeping well will improve your mood, memory and concentration. Sticking to a regular sleep schedule, with a consistent bedtime and rising time, is a good start.
Try a cool pack under your pillow and invest in a good bedroom fan for more comfortable nights.
Ensure you get enough vitamin D. Your GP can check your vitamin D blood levels, which could be low if you don’t get much sun exposure.

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