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Terry Baker

Terry Baker


Terry Baker has worked for 15 years as a supplement consultant. His expertise is in nutritional and dietary supplement development and manufacturing. Terry is responsible for many product developments. OrganicaUsa, Vital-18, The Lean40 Diet, and Vida Sante are various projects.Terry helped research and formulate many brands around the globe. He has also written e-books about nutrition and taught cGMP standards to many clients. Now semi-retired, Terry would like to share his knowledge by creating informative blog posts and video guidelines.

Terry has worked in the supplements industry for over 27 years. He started as a laboratory assistant in a supplement manufacturing facility, where he would help formulate supplements from scratch, making him a highly credible supplement analyst, which is why we trust him to write our supplement articles. He has written hundreds of Supplement Facts Panel analysis formulas for other companies.
Terry lives in the Southeast United States with his wife and two dog.


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