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Red Panax Ginseng: Magical supplement for physical, mental and sexual well-being.

Red Panax Ginseng: Magical supplement for physical, mental and sexual well-being.

The word ‘panax’ has Greek origin and directly translates to ‘all-healing’, and rightfully so!
With so many brands offering ginseng supplements out there, Vida Santes’ red panax ginseng supplement is a product you can trust with your eyes closed. Ginseng has been used for years for physical and mental wellness, and adding this supplement to your diet will only benefit you. This strain of ginseng is extremely potent and is packed with nutrients that will take your health and vitality to the next level. Our red panax ginseng supplement is 100% natural, and is known to spice up your love life by boosting your libido. It is also known to reduce headaches in people who are constantly struggling with this issue. It can also be used as a supportive treatment for managing diabetes, and also improves digestion. It is really an all-healing supplement!

Improves memory and brain function

Red panax ginseng supplements provide all the nutrients to ensure that your cognitive skills stay sharp and well maintained. This is in fact a very important aspect of health that many times gets ignored. To make sure that your brain is able to keep up with the stress and hustle bustle of everyday life, make sure you are incorporating this supplement in your daily life, and the results will shock you! You will also notice a drastic improvement in your memory. Say goodbye to those mid -sentence memory lapses that stop us in our conversation tracks when we can't seem to find the rest of our statement. If you want to cultivate killer focus and cognition, start using Vida Santes’ red panax ginseng capsules right away! It gives your brain all the essential nutrients it needs to stay in the best shape possible.

Can be used to keep diabetes in control

This supplement has the capability of actively working to reduce blood sugar, and is of great help for people who suffer from diabetes, and have a hard time keeping their sugar levels in check. Not only does it help manage diabetes, but it does this in an all-natural way. You can use this supplement as a supportive therapy to the insulin you might be taking as well, and under the supervision of a physician, can even use it to completely replace insulin! Along with this, regular exercise will help you maintain a healthy glycemic index without stressing your body out. This is one of the miraculous benefits of ginsenoside, also referred to as active ginseng compounds.

Keep cancer at bay!

When it comes to chemoprevention, natural compounds like ginseng really help with the process. Studies have shown that when you take regular red panax ginseng supplements, it suppresses and fights against cancer causing agents in the body. Just by incorporating this capsule in your life, you are signing up for a cancer-free future! Loaded with antioxidants that nourish your body and mind, take these supplements and look forward to a life free from cancer!

Boosts libido and sexual intimacy

Many men today are dealing with erectile dysfunction and impotence. This is more often than not due to the kind of lifestyle one leads, and can severely affect one’s self esteem and ruin romantic relationships. Red panax ginseng supplements are a great solution for these kind of sexual dysfunctions and not only does this manage these issues, but also boosts your libido, which leads to romantic bliss! Sexual dysfunctions occur in the first place because as men get older, the level of testosterone in their body rapidly decreases. The reason for decreased levels of testosterone is the toxins and harmful compounds of everyday life finally catch up with the body and start affecting the endocrine system. When these toxins are fought, then your sexual performance and libido automatically gets a spike.

Anti-inflammatory support

Inflammation within the body is the first sign of an infection kicking in, and we all have dealt with this at some point or the other. Regular red panax supplements protect the body from inflammation, which in turn prevents diseases like diabetes, severe heart conditions, autoimmune disorders and asthma.

Treating and managing ADHD

Studies have shown that when you include red panax ginseng in your child’s daily diet, you are giving them a head start for having great cognition and attention span. Issues like anxiety, ADHD and hyperactivity can be controlled by this supplement. Apart from this, it basically enhances cognitive function from an early age, and gives them an edge with learning new skills. This also improves their motor skills and eye-hand coordination. When your child has a healthy physical and mental state, it automatically boosts their confidence, and also adds to the wellness of the family!

Dosage and Safety

The recommended dosage for this supplement is 500mg, three times a day. Basically, our body requires 1500mg of red panax ginseng every single day. If you are suffering with some chronic illness and are currently taking strong medication for the same, it would be best if you just consult your physician once before starting this supplement journey. Vida Santes’ capsules are 100% natural and are not known to have any negative side effects.